Archangel (IT)


Archangel is a Avant-Garde Electronic Metal band from Venice, Veneto, Italy, formed in 1995.

Current Members:
Vam Kama Ocean Archangel - Vocals, Keyboards
Blackie - Guitar
Wewo - Drums
Rage - Bass
Shyn - Guitar
Former Members:
The Vicar - Guitar
Lucy-Fuge - Bass
Studio Albums:
In Tears the Angel Falls (1996) - [Buy]
The Tao Single Single (1996) - [Buy]
Incarnate in a New Rebel Idol (1999) - [Buy]
La Vogue Noire (2009) - [Buy]
The Story of My Immor(t)al Life (2010) - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Natural Born Messiah - EP (1998)
Similar Artists:
WillRock, Illicit, Division One, DJ K, Landmarq, Direct Feed, Paulie Walnuts
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