Abhorrent is a Thrash/Groove Metal band from Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brazil, formed in 1988.

Current Members:
Robson Aldeoli - Vocals
Leandro Soares - Guitar
Fabio "Marreco" - Guitar
Mauricio Jr. - Bass
Gabriel Teykal - Drums
Former Members:
Hudson Andre
Marcos Vireoli
Fabricio Moraes
Ricardo Thomaz
Caio Duarte
Ricardo Gualberto
Fabricio Cinelli
Carlos Fibrian
Kayo John
Studio Albums:
Rage - 1996 - [Buy]
Caution Strong Irritant - 2001 - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Horrible Slaughter - 1988
Similar Artists:
Mind-Ashes, Daemos, Fatal Influence, Skull Crusher, Pain Corporation, The Ocularis Infernum, Decay of Salvation
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