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If consistency is your thing, stay far away from Abigail Williams. Musically they’ve been just about everywhere on the metal map and back again and have received a ton of shit for it too. Welcome to the music industry. Not too long ago I had the pleasure of seeing them in concert after one such style shift and despite not being a fan, they blew me away. They had recently released their 2010 album In the Absence of Light and even though the album's not anything I'd own per se, it translated into a really, really enjoyable live show. 

Fast forward to now and Abigail are back, a brand new album titled Becoming on the way, and, you guessed it, a new sound. Not as drastically new as, say, In the Absence of Light was compared to their older stuff, but new. Here is Ascension Sickness, a recently leaked track from Becoming:

**Warning, 11 minutes long. This may be something you want to save for your lunch break. 

If you made it through all 11 minuets, you may have noticed that where In The Absence of Light took it’s cues from the Scandinavian black metal scene, this track is all post-y and USBM. If that’s your thing (none for me, thanks), you have yourself an album to anticipate next year. If not, try to resist jumping on the hater train and listen to something else.

Becoming is slated for release on January 23 through Candlelight Records. 

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