The Tale Of Two Videos || Cardamon- Sleepless World/ Odium- Population Zero


If you are a regular reader (God bless you, masochist) you probably know that nothing simultaneously excites and lets me down quite like a new music video. Excites because as I child there was nothing I looked forward to quite like Headbangers Ball late at night way back when MTV actually was all about the music. Let down because nothing as of late has really grabbed hold of me the same way the older videos did. Videos with plots that I could look forward to seeing ripped apart on Beavis and Butthead. Music videos are a lost art perhaps in the metal sphere, and bands seem to only put their best foot forward if they have huge budgets and/or are flash in the pan successes. 

So when I noticed two press releases for the video above and the one after the jump, that old familiar cognitive dissonance set in and I resolved myself to watch both of them straight through. It was a good plan but the only one I made it all the way through was the video above from the Canadian band Odium. This was because I was slightly interested in the music itself, not by any means because it was a visual epiphany. 

The video you can see after the jump, if you so desire, is from Dutch female-fronted metalish band Cardamon that left me so underwhelmed, I’m thinking about just going back home and into bed to catch up on some sleep.

Cardamon- Sleepless World

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