New Video || Vanden Plas- Holes In The Sky


Holes in the Sky is Vanden Plas’ first music video of their career spanning nearly 25 years and god willing, it’ll be their last…

I love this song, love this band, but dammit, watching this video is about as comfortable as falling down a set of stairs. Oddly (well, maybe it’s not so odd), the general public seems to disagree with me, as almost all the feedback I've heard thus far has been quite positive. I stand un-converted.

Don’t let it dissuade you though, the album this track is featured on, The Seraphic Clockwork, is a worthy listen, most of this band’s stuff is, and I’d hate fore someone to pass it up just because they saw this video and agreed with me. So, avert you eyes, open another tab on your browser, minimize this window and draw little squares on your desktop, whatever. Enjoy. 

It’s the singer’s sidelong stare during the verses. It’s too much for me. 

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