New Video || Crystal Viper- Witch’s Mark


Crystal Viper has a new album out? Crystal Viper has a new album out.

This one flew completely under my radar. But yes, they have a new album out and I’ve wandered my memory palace for even a hint that I knew that at some point, but I guess I didn’t.

That’s okay though, I know what I’m listening to for the rest of the day.

Crimen Excepta.

That’s the name of the album. And Witch’s Mark is the name of the first single from said album for which the band created the following video you really should check out. 

Crimen Excepta is out now on AFM records, a pretty legit record label, if you ask me, despite forgetting to send Crystal Viper press releases to arguably the best, largest, and most important heavy metal website on the internet...


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