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This month your favorite music scribes have teamed up with the good people at EMG to give away not one or two, but three (3) hardcover copies of the latest Metallica biography, Enter Night by Mick Wall, to three (3) lucky readers. 

To enter you must simply leave a comment on this post, either as a registered member or including your email address in the form. As usual, this giveaway is open to anybody, anywhere, provided you can receive mail from the United States. Get your entries in by Monday, June 6 at midnight and we’ll announce the winners the next day. After the jump you can view the full details on the book and ordering information should you wish to forgo the giveaway and pick up a copy on your own.

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**Update: Giveaway is closed. Winners will be announced soon and another giveaway posted. 

Official Enter Night PR:

They are the last of the superstar rockers, whose roots lie in the heavy rock of 70s groups like Deep Purple. When Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield formed Metallica, they invented 80s thrash metal and went on to become the biggest-selling band in the world in the 90s with the Black Album and hit single “Enter Sandman”.

ENTER NIGHT is the story of how Metallica survived death, divorce, drugs and rehab, legal battles, and the filming of the rock documentary Some Kind Of Monster, finally coming full circle in 2008 with their Rick Rubin-produced No. 1 album, Death Magnetic. Mick Wall—who has known and studied Metallica for twenty-five years—spoke to band members, record company execs, road crew and fellow stars to create an unflinching portrait of America’s most famous heavy metal band.

Fans will read how:

-They made such classics as Master of Puppets and the 25-million-copy selling Black Album

-The death of bassist Cliff Burton altered everything

-Dave Mustaine really felt about the band he helped create

-Ozzy had never heard of Metallica when they got their big break on tour with him

-They survived 90s grunge by reinventing themselves

-They nearly lost it all battling Napster, threatening to sue 300,000 fans who had downloaded their music for free

Mixed with Mick’s blaringly honest first-person stories about his time with the band, ENTER NIGHT is the definitive Metallica biography, and the closest fans will get to the truth.

ENTER NIGHT reveals…

-How Metallica's first manager Jonny Z was serving time when they met him, and booked their earliest shows from a payphone at the halfway house he was imprisoned in.

-How Metallica singer James Hetfield was never comfortable in his role as frontman, and was trying to persuade the band to get a "real singer" even after their first album was out

-How the Cliff Burton—legendary bassist who died in the bus crash of 1986—liked to take acid and trip while the band was performing live

-How Cliff and James had been discussing replacing drummer, founding member and chief spokesman Lars Ulrich before Burton's death, and how the bassist's death, ironically, brought James and Lars closer together.

-How they tried to oust Burton's replacement Jason Newsted from the band within weeks of him joining, only to be talked out of it by their manager while touring Japan.

-How the band deliberately set out to make the biggest-selling pop-metal album they could with Black— and succeeded

-How deeply uncomfortable James was with the whole Load-era image rethink: make-up, short hair, facial piercings etc.

-How the Napster debacle of 2000 when the band threatened to sue over 300,000 of their own fans for illegally downloading their tracks almost destroyed the band

-How, far from the excruciating embarrassment most critics labeled it at the time, the St. Anger album of 2003 was, in fact, the last truly great Metallica album— and the last truly cutting edge album they are ever likely to make


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