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For the past few days I’ve been back-and-forthing with a buddy of mine about how awesome Pharaoh is, so I think to myself this morning, “Hey douche, share the wealth of the Pharaoh with the readers.” So here we are.   

Pharaoh is a USPM (U.S. power metal) act from Philly currently signed to my most favorite of labels, Cruz Del Sur Music. In 2003 Pharaoh released their first full-length, After the Fire, then another in 2006, and another, Be Gone, the subject of today’s album of the day, in ‘08.  

Be Gone, and really any Pharaoh record, is pretty spot on when it comes to the type of power metal I like. Granted, I dabble into the flower variety of power from time to time but nothing quite has the staying power like melodic USPM.  Further, nothing quite has the staying power like that of Pharaoh’s riffs. Melodic and thundering you’d be hard pressed to find a single track on Be Gone that doesn’t have at least one you can hum along to later.  While the music otherwise makes no claim at being revolutionary or progressive, it’s the subtleties of well-rounded vocals, great lyrics, stand-out riffage, and true craftsmanship that make this album a gem and today’s album of the day. 

Pharaoh is:

Chris Kerns- Bass
Chris Black- Drums (Dawnbringer, ex-Nachtmystium)
Matt Johnsen- Guitars (Dawnbringer)
Tim Aymar- Vocals (ex-Control Denied)

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