Wodensthrone is a Black Metal band from Sunderland, United Kingdom, formed in 2005.

Current Members:
Gerádwine - Bass
Hréowsian - Drums, Percussion
Wildeþrýð - Guitars, Vocals
Brunwulf - Vocals
Rædwalh - Guitars, Vocals
Árfæst - Keyboards
Former Members:
Eldbeorn - Guitars
Æðelwalh - Synths, Vocals, Tin whistle
Padrig - Mandolin, Tin whistle
Studio Albums:
Loss (2009) - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Niroth / Wodensthrone - Split (2006)
Over the Binding of the Waves - Split (2008)
YouTube Video:
Similar Artists:
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