Underoath is a Groove Metal/Deathcore (early), Alternative/Metalcore (later) band from Clearwater/Ocala (early) - Tampa (now), Florida, United States, formed in 1997.
Current Members:
Christopher Dudley - Keyboards, Synthesizers
Timothy McTague - Guitars
Grant Brandell - Bass
James Smith - Guitars
Spencer Chamberlain - Vocals
Daniel Davison - Drums
Former Members:
Rey Anasco - Bass
Aaron Gillespie - Drums, Vocals
Luke Morton - Guitars
Corey Steger - Guitars
Dallas Taylor - Vocals
Octavio Fernandez - Bass
Rafael Reyes - Bass
Matthew Clark - Bass
Alena Cason - Guitars
Sam Shuffler - Guitars
Billy Nottke - Bass
Kelly Scott Nunn - Guitars
Studio Albums:
Act of Depression (1999) - [Buy]
Cries of the Past (2000) - [Buy]
The Changing of Times (2002) - [Buy]
Theyre Only Chasing Safety (2004) - [Buy]
Define the Great Line (2006) - [Buy]
Lost in the Sound of Separation (2008) - [Buy]
A˜ (Disambiguation) (2010) - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
777 - DVD (2007)
Survive, Kaleidoscope - Live album (2008)
Live at Koko - Live album (2010)
YouTube Video:
Similar Artists:
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