Trap Them


Trap Them is a Death Metal/Grindcore band from Seattle, Washington, United States of America, formed in 2001.

Current Members:
Ryan McKenney - Vocals
Brian Izzi - Guitar
Steve Lacour - Bass
Chris Maggio - Drums
Former Members:
Nat Coghlan
Derek Black
Scott Defusco
John Heidenrich
Mike Justian
Jeff Lohrber
Mike Sharp
Studio Albums:
Sleepwell Deconstructor - 2007 - [Buy]
Seizures in Barren Praise - 2008 - [Buy]
Darker Handcraft - 2011 - [Buy]
Similar Artists:
Cursed, Nails, Black Breath, All Pigs Must Die, Backstabbers Incorporated, The Secret, Coliseum
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