The Breathing Process


The Breathing Process is a Metalcore, Symphonic Blackened Death Metal (later) band from Connecticut & Western Massachusetts, United States of America, formed in 2003.

Current Members:
Jordan Milner - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Sara Loerlein - Guitar, Female Vocals
Jared Sloan - Keyboards
JP Andrade - Drums
Former Members:
John LaFreniere
Patrick Allers
Ian van Opijnen
Patrick Lynch
Nick Robinson
Dan Renna
Ted Stepanik
Steve Pianka
Brian "Ren" Varney
Nick Burns
Julian Parker
Dan Jones
Chris Sansone
Andrew Baxter
Josh Myers On Paths Of Torment, The Hica Legacy, The Cauled, She Is A Liar)
Alana Potocnik
Kimberley Anderson
Madison Roseberry
Studio Albums:
In Waking: Divinity - 2008 - [Buy]
Odyssey (un)Dead - 2010 - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Demo - 2004
Demo 2005 - 2005
I Am Legion - 2006
Similar Artists:
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