The Accused


The Accused is a Thrash Metal/Crossover band from Seattle, Washington, United States of America, formed in 1980.

Current Members:
Tommy Niemeyer - Guitar
B.R.A.D. - Vocals
Dorando Hodous - Bass
Mike "Nyge" Peterson - Drums
Former Members:
Blaine "Fart" Cook
John Dahlin
Alex "Maggot Brain" Sibbald
Chibon "Chewy" Batterman
Prof. Iman A. Phid
Dana Collins
Josh Sinder
Devin Karakash
Steve "O Ring" Nelson
Studio Albums:
The Return of... Martha Splatterhead - 1986 - [Buy]
More Fun Than an Open Casket Funeral - 1987 - [Buy]
Martha Splatterheads Maddest Stories Ever Told - 1988 - [Buy]
Grinning Like An Undertaker - 1990 - [Buy]
Splatter Rock - 1992 - [Buy]
Oh Martha! - 2005 - [Buy]
The Curse of Martha Splatterhead - 2009 - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Mechanized Death - 1984
Murder in Berkeley (Alive On 45 RPM) - 1991
Straight Razor (Going for the Throat) - 1992
Paint It Red - 2002
Similar Artists:
Cryptic Slaughter, Broken Bones, Wehrmacht, Septic Death, Ludichrist, D.R.I.
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