Tearstained is a Black Metal band from North Greece, New York, United States of America, formed in 1995.

Current Members:
Mikael Bayusik - All Instruments
Studio Albums:
Monumental in Its Sorrow - 1999 - [Buy]
There Is No Hope - 2001 - [Buy]
Final Thoughts - 2003 - [Buy]
Homicidal Tendencies - 2006 - [Buy]
Nightmare Visions - 2008 - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
1995 Promo - 1995
Similar Artists:
Night Conquers Day, Warhorde, Patecabra, Misantropical Painforest, Into The Sunless Meridian, Nosvrolok, Nox Intempesta
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