Malignant Inception


Malignant Inception is a Black/Death Metal band from Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, formed in 1992.
Current Members:
Ed Price - Guitars, Vocals
Todd Weir - Drums
Matt Grassberger - Bass
Tyler Harvey - Guitars
Gregg Bock - Vocals
Kevin Hoskins - Keyboards
Former Members:
Dave Jelsma - Keyboards, Bass
Chad Kasimatis - Vocals
Tim Riley - Drums
Mike Kimball - Guitars
Dave Darling - Guitars
Michael Ventura - Guitars
Jon Creager - Guitars
JR Torina - Keyboards
Robert Strack - Guitars
Zakk Muffet - Vocals
Madisen Rhodes - Keyboards
Curtis Kylo - Bass
Carreen Price - Keyboards
Richard Rosenquist - Bass
Javier Silva Santisteban - Bass
Cody Smith - Keyboards, Vocals
Karla Oliva - Vocals
Studio Albums:
Black Death (1997) - [Buy]
Path to Repression (2006) - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Nefarious Evils - EP (2010)
Similar Artists:
The New Plague, Oath To Vanquish, Bloody Sign, Anagnorisis, Book of Black Earth, Corpsing, Articulo Mortis
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