Iskald is a Melodic Black/Thrash Metal band from Sortland, Norway, formed in 2005.

Current Members:
Simon Larsen - Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Keys
Aage Andre Krekling - Drums, Vocals
Espen Solstad - Guitar
Rene "Adriaan" Zonneveld - Bass
Former Members:
Arne Aalstad - Bass
Anders Lambersøy - Bass, Vocals
Lars "Amystis" Johannessen - Guitar
Studio Albums:
Shades of Misery - 2006 - [Buy]
Revelations of Reckoning Day - 2008 - [Buy]
The Sun I Carried Alone - 2011 - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Demo - 2005
Similar Artists:
Istapp, Svartahrid, In Lingua Mortua, Svartediket, Sarke, Den Saakaldte, Krypt
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