Word Igric is historically mentioned in relation with the Great Moravian Empire and it means and represents: an ancient slavonic musician. Igric is a part of U.B.M.R. along with Perterricrepus, Karpathia, Concubia Nocte, Sirin, Warxath.


Current Members:
Igric - All instruments
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Krvi Cin - 2004
Kult Svantovita - 2006
Pri Zrode Dazboga - 2007
Narek Davnych Hviezd - 2007
Elegies of Endless Horizons (split with Perterricrepus & Karpathia) - 2010
Similar Artists:
Einsamtod Alatyr Concubia Nocte Cry of Silence Gontyna Kry Perterricrepus Karpathia Veles
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