Grand Belials Key


Grand Belials Key is a Black Metal band from Oakton, Virginia, United States of America, formed in 1992.

Current Members:
Gelal Necrosodomy aka Pogrom - Guitar
Demonic - Bass
Former Members:
Lord Vlad Luciferian
The Black Lourde of Crucifixion
Grimnir Wotansvolk
Tom Phillips
Der Sturmer
The Gulag aka Alienchrist
Studio Albums:
Mocking the Philanthropist - 1997 - [Buy]
Judeobeast Assassination - 2001 - [Buy]
Kosherat - 2005 - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Goat of a Thousand Young - 1992
Triumph of the Hordes - 1994
Similar Artists:
Arghoslent, Sigrblot, Spear of Longinus, Blasphemy, Absurd, Der Stürmer, Archgoat
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