Final Breath


Final Breath is a Death/Thrash Metal band from Steinfeld, Bavaria, Germany, formed in 1993.

Current Members:
Jurgen Aumann - Vocals
Daniel Bergauer - Guitar
Jorg Breitenbach - Guitar
Thomas Wissel - Bass
Heiko Krumpholz - Drums
Former Members:
Michael "Jimmy" Imhof
Steffen Diel
Dennis Schneider
Markus Wertmann
Werner "Space" Muller
Dominik Merz
Studio Albums:
Flash Burnt Crucifixes - 2000 - [Buy]
Mind Explosion - 2002 - [Buy]
Let Me Be Your Tank - 2004 - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Soulchange - 1995
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