Festering Flesh


Festering Flesh is a Death Metal band from Haid, Lower Austria, Austria, formed in 1996.

Current Members:
Philipp “Vips Of Torture” Eisserer - Vocals
Gerald “Masturbathor” Prentner - Guitar
Patrick Fian - Bass
Georg Heine - Drums
Eugen M. Pagany - Guitar
Former Members:
Wolfgang Rothbauer
Hans-Jorg “Maximus Perversus” Pruller
Paul Batlekov
Georg “Sick Prick Schoasch” Hauser
Robert Fenk
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Deadly Defloration - 1999
Experiments with a Sick Pussy - 2001
Root - 2005
Similar Artists:
Symbiontic, Wynjara, Exomortis, Euphoric Evisceration, Disinfection, Fulcrum Creak, MORTIFEST
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