Faerghail is a Dark Metal, Melodic Black/Gothic Metal band from Huittinen, Finland, formed in 1995.

Current Members:
Tuomas Murtojärvi - Guitars
Petri Moisio - Guitars, bass
Jussi Ranta - Vocals
Olli Pirkkanen - Vocals, drums
Former Members:
Tomi Kangassalo - Drums
Kai Lehtinen - Guitars
Pekka Koponen - Drums
Studio Albums:
Horizons Fall (1999) - [Buy]
Where Angels Dwell No More (2000) - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Dark Oceans Calm - Demo (1996)
In Dreamful Supremacy - Demo (1996)
Rehearsal demo - Demo (1996)
Blood Will Follow Blood - EP (2000)
Death Whispers Misery - Demo (2006)
Similar Artists:
Cadacross, Mirzadeh, Cryptic Wintermoon, Uhrilehto, Sins of Omission, Mustan Kuun Lapset, Dawn of Relic
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