Dryrot is a Thrash Metal band from Erlangen, Bavaria, Germany, formed in 1990.
Current Members:
Basti Gawer - Drums
Michi Gerstlauer - Guitars
Nadir Wibmer - Guitars
Former Members:
Markus Ramsauer - Bass
Roland - Bass
Niko Singer - Bass
Jochen Steger - Drums
Thomas - Drums
Volker Schmidt - Vocals
Studio Albums:
Dryrot (1999) - [Buy]
God(s)Eyze (2005) - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Brave New World / Fatal Glance - Demo (1996)
Critical Condition - Demo (1997)
Proud 2 Be Sick - Demo (2002)
No Fist No Foes - Demo (2003)
Similar Artists:
Inexorable, Paniczone, Epidemic Scorn, Veroxity, Transgression, Absurdity, The Unchallenged
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