Devastation (US)


Devastation is a Death/Thrash Metal band from Corpus Christi, Texas, United States of America, formed in 1986.

Current Members:
Rodney Dunsmore - Vocals
Henry Elizondo - Guitar
Walter Trachsler - Guitar
Alex Dominguez - Bass
Fidel Tagle - Drums
Former Members:
Dave Burk
Edward Vasquez
Louie Carrisalez
Jesse Lopez
David Lozano
Studio Albums:
Violent Termination - 1987 - [Buy]
Signs of Life - 1989 - [Buy]
Idolatry - 1991 - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Destined to Death - 1986
Contaminated - 1988
YouTube Video:
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