Cruachan is a Celtic/Folk Metal band from Dublin, Ireland, formed in 1992.

Current Members:
Keith "Fay" OFathaigh - Vocals, Guitars, Bodhran, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Banjo, Percussion
John Clohessy - Bass, Backing Vocals
Colin Purcell - Drums, Percussion
John Ryan Will - Tin Whistle, Violin, Banjo, Bouzouki, Keyboards
John "Fay" OFathaigh - Irish Flute, Tin Whistle, Uilleann Pipes, Low Whistle
Ashling Murphy - Vocals
Former Members:
Karen Gilligan
Aisling Hanrahan
Leon Bias
Jay ONiell
Joe Farrell
Collete OFathaigh
Ed Gilbert
Studio Albums:
Tuatha Na Gael - 1995 - [Buy]
The Middle Kingdom - 2000 - [Buy]
Folk-Lore - 2002 - [Buy]
Pagan - 2004 - [Buy]
The Morrigans Call - 2006 - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Celtica - 1994
Promo 97 - 1997
Ride On - 2001
The Very Wild Rover - 2006
I Am Warrior - 2009
YouTube Video:
Similar Artists:
Waylander, Folkearth, Tuatha De Danann, Falkenbach, Heol Telwen, Arkona, Skyclad
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