Celtic Legacy


Celtic Legacy is a Traditional/Folk Metal band from Dublin, Ireland, formed in 1997.

Current Members:
Ciaran Ennis - Vocals
Dave Morrissey - Guitar, Keyboards
Keith Hendley - Guitar
Dave "Slim" Boylan - Bass, Vocals
Joe Farrell - Drums
Former Members:
Tommy Branagan - Vocals
Mark Guildea - Vocals
Sean "Grover" McBride - Vocals
Conor Gillen - Vocals
Kevin Fox - Vocals
Melanie Shields - Vocals
Stephen Shields - Guitar
Phil Conway - Guitar
Darren Maher - Guitar
Eoin Ennis - Guitar
Ciara Roe - Fiddle
Phil McEvoy - Drums
Dezzie Joy - Drums
Dave Murphy - Drums
Stephen Cash - Drums
Studio Albums:
Celtic Legacy (1998) - [Buy]
Resurrection (2003) - [Buy]
Guardian of Eternity (2008) - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Celtic Legacy / Resurrection - Boxed set (2008)
YouTube Video:
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