Attack is a Heavy/Power Metal band from Nordhorn, Lower Saxony, Germany, formed in 1983.

Current Members:
Ricky Van Helden - Vocals/Bass
Thorsten Kohne - Guitar
Peter Oko - Guitar
Frank Ullrich - Drums
Former Members:
Peter Gottker
Walter Muller
Peter Gastmann
Helge Engelke in Moon Doc, Fair Warning)
Andy Kammer
Andy Niewidok
Jorg Franz
Chreddy Riepert
Jens Petersen
Gerd Sossnierz
Matthias Hornschuh
Thomas "T.R.O.S." St. Jones
Thomas Evermann
Archie Koller
Athanasios "Zacki" Tsoukas
Alex Kollmeyer
Studio Albums:
Danger in the Air - 1984 - [Buy]
Return Of The Evil - 1985 - [Buy]
Beastkiller - 1987 - [Buy]
Destinies Of War - 1989 - [Buy]
Seven Years In The Past - 1992 - [Buy]
The Secret Place - 1995 - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Demo 84 - 1984
Mouse in a maze - 1984
Demo 85 - 1985
YouTube Video:
Similar Artists:
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