A Dream of Poe


A Dream of Poe is a Gothic/Doom Metal band from S. Miguel, Azores Islands, Portugal, formed in 2005.

Current Members:
Paulo Pacheco - Vocals
Bruno "Spell" Santos - All Instruments
Live/Session Musicians:
Antonio Neves - Guitar
Andre Gouveia - Bass
Stephan Kobiakin - Keyboards
David Melo - Drums
Studio Albums:
For a Glance of the Lost Lenore - 2008 - [Buy]
The Mirror of Deliverance - 2011 - [Buy]
Other Albums/EPs/ECT:
Delirium Tremens - 2006
Similar Artists:
Insaniae, Sideris Noctem, Weeping Silence, Evadne, In Somnis, Sabachthani, Decemberance
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