Skeletonwitch - "I Am Of Death (Hell Has Arrived)" New Video


The one and only Skeletonwitch have released a new music video for the song "I Am Of Death (Hell Has Arrived)".  It is a tribute to 70's horror and slasher movies that you can see below.  The band is also getting to release their new album "Serpents Unleashed" by Prosthetic Records on October 29th 2013.

Skeletonwitch - Serpents Unleashed Tracklisting

01. Serpents Unleashed
02. Beneath Dead Leaves
03. I Am Of Death (Hell Has Arrived)
04. From a Cloudless Sky
05. Burned From Bone
06. Unending, Everliving
07. Blade On The Flesh, Blood On My Hands
08. This Evil Embrace
09. Unwept
10. Born of the Light That Does Not Shine
11. More Cruel Than Weak

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