New Track || White Wizzard- ‘Strike the Iron’ Streaming


Staggered-by-region release dates make no fucking sense. Still White Wizzard’s new album, The Devil’s Cut, will be released on June 3 in Europe and weeks later on June 25 in North America. Because, you know, the Internet, which created a global economy, isn’t a thing and everyone will wait patiently for the staggered release, I’m sure of it.

Below you can hit play on a Youtube video to hear a new track from the album, Strike With Iron, but I’d like everyone to ahere to the following staggered-by-region viewing restrictions:

-If you live in North America you may watch the video immediately.

-Those in Europe please wait 25 min.

-Readers in Central and South America: you may listen tomorrow.

-Any Asia continent readers must listen yesterday, Friday, or after sundown in Xuancheng.

-The video will be made available for any and all regions I’ve not mentioned thus far as soon as you finish reading this sentence.


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