Gojira- ‘Born in Winter’ Music Video


I probably should have laid this one up to Cody since he’s a bigger Gojira fan than I but I found this video sufficiently entertaining to say a few words about it.

Firstly, the track, “Born in Winter”, is one of the more mellow in the French band’s repertoire, a bit more atmospheric than most of the other stuff I’ve heard from them, with kind of a Mastadon vibe. I like it.

The video is a really awesome visual treatment of spacy animation and what I can only describe as geometry, meets a tesla coil, meets gestation? Again, I like it.
Watch for yourself below and let us know what you thought in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

Born in Winter” comes off Gojira’s 2012 album "L'Enfant Sauvage". 

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