Freedom Call- 'Union of the Strong' Music Video


I’ve been in a kind of “fuck you, I hate metal” mood lately but Freedom Call’s new video for ''Union of the Strong'', I’ll admit, put a smile back on my face. You can watch the video below. The track, the video, everything is pure cheese but I can’t help admit defeat with a shake of my head as I enjoy every second of it. On the good, better, best spectrum the music is good. Add in four dudes you can’t help but root for and it gets better, then take in the little flourishes the drummer does, combine all with a day in which the only other things newsworthy were Van Canto and Crematory videos and…it’s the best.

"Union of the Strong" and thirteen other tracks are all set to appear on Freedom Call’s forthcoming new album, "Beyond". You can pick up "Beyond" in a couple different formats including unplugged, live, vinyl, and more on March 4th in North America.

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