Crematory- ‘Shadowmaker’ Music Video


German gothic, synth, metal, whatever Crematory released the following music video today for “Shadowmaker”, a cut off their forthcoming new album “Antiserum”.

Watch as the band plays and (what I can only assume is) a peeping tom gets more than he bargains for when he walks in on some sort of satanic, back from the dead ritual being performed by a masked man. But then, in some real crazy Sixth Sense-esque shit, the peeping tom realizes he IS the masked man. Just then the dead girl wakes up and, in a weird display of gratitude, bites his ass. Actually it’s his neck. Then he’s like, “Yo, you bit me!” and kills her again. 


"Antiserum" will be released on Steamhammer on February 25, 2014. 

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