Apocalyptica - "Ludwig Wonderland" New Video


Apocalyptica the well-known Finnish orchestral rock / metal band that usually does covers, has a brand new music video released today.  It comes from 'Wagner Reloaded - Live In Leipzig', which is a collaboration with the MDR Leipzig Symphony Orchestra.  The album will be released on November 19th by BMG.  It was created based a classical composer Wagner's work and his life.

Eicca Toppinen had this to say about the album:

We've been asked many times to do this type of project, but this is the first one we got excited about. The mission was to celebrate Wagner, [so] we took elements of his life and used his original music and rearranged it. It was like writing a score for a movie, I had a list of themes and I had to think about the length of scenes and write the music while envisioning Apocalyptica performing on a massive stage with the symphony, choir and one-hundred dancers.

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