After All These Years Mötorhead’s Still Breaking Hearts


The youngest member of Mötorhead, Mikkey Dee, was bon in the 60’s. As in landing on the moon, MLK, the Beatles. Lemmy, that beautiful bastard, is nearly 20 years his senior. As in WWII and “talkies”. And yeah, as the title says, they are still out there, doing their thing. Think about that the next time you’re “too tired” to go to band practice.

From their latest-- though I suspect NOT their last-- album, Aftershock, here’s the video for Heartbreakers.

EDIT: I'm having technical diffuculties getting the video to show up here so head on over to the much more capable Rolling Stone to watch

Aftershock will be released tomorrow, October 22nd.

Editors Note: If you watch to the videos end credits you may be surprised to find out Lemmy himself drew the animated portions of the visuals.

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