A Terrible Short Film By Cradle Of Filth


There is a new short film from Cradle Of Filth to promote their upcoming graphic novels. The novels are part of a series called 'The Curse Of Venus Aversa'.  The video has the hidden camera vibe recording a secret ceremony.  If you can make it through the whole video, you are stronger than I am.

Dani Filth had this to say about the movie: 

I understood that the doll blessing ceremony took place, but things may not have gone as planned. Kurt sent me the video the other day. You'll have to watch to see what happened. Strange things seem to occur in that city.

And this about the Graphic Novel:

This 'adult graphic novel' represents a new step for the band, because the reader doesn't see us running around as superheroes or anything. This is about the larger forces in the universe that may have given birth to Cradle Of Filth — or others like us, in centuries past.

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