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When you think of a metal concert tour and what cities will be hosting you probably wouldn't think Boise ID. But apparently I was wrong. This last weekend September 19, In Flames was in Boise ID and bringing with them was Between the Buried and Me, 3 Inches of Blood and The Faceless. I made a road trip up there to check out the show.

The Faceless

Starting off we had The Faceless. This new band hasn't had many huge tours and having the chance of touring with In Flames, Between the Buried and Me and 3 Inches of Blood is probably quite the opportunity. With being the opening act The Faceless was on spot. The crowd loved them and they brought some energy to the building.

Next up was 3 Inches of Blood, for being a band with a classic rock style, they put on a really fun show. Everyone was having a good time and the mullets were bang'n. I was really surprised how big of a fan base they had and they total deserve it. They were on top of their game and brought some excitement to the crowd.

Between the Buried and Me

Between the Buried and Me were amazing. They have so much dynamics in their music which keeps the crowd on a rollercoaster. The talented band will push the death metal to the max, then slowing things down with keyboard. They played a new song from their album coming out on October 27, 2009 entitled “Obfuscation.” This song live was incredible, I can’t wait for the new album.


In Flames

Last but not least In Flames. What can you say about In Flames, their music sounds better live, they are so talented and entertaining performers. They are always moving around the stage and interacting with the crowd. They just feed on the energy in the building and through it right back at you. They played mostly new stuff, but brought out some of their best – Alias, Pinball Map, Come Clarity, I'm The Highway and Take This Life.

"Everyone think that we spend the day killing animals and sacrificing people, but we just play golf."

-In Flames


In Flames, Between the Buried and Me, 3 Inches of Blood and The Faceless were all great, the venue was great so that makes this tour great.

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