The Results Are In: Your Favorite Death Album Is…


Scream Bloody Gore.

Symbolic took second place, and Individual Thought Patterns was just barely beat out by The Sound of Perseverance for third. I’m actually pretty surprised. I thought for sure Symbolic would be on top.

Thank you to all who participated for taking the time to vote.

Now, for this month’s poll: In light of recent events we thought it would be topical to ask our readers to weigh in on which Burzum album they like the best. EPs and demos are excluded from the poll but we have included his instrumental/electronic albums. Take some tome to think about it then click here or on the poll to the right to answer.

As always the comment’s section is open to you for CIVIL discussion.

Now go rock that vote! Democracy and shit!

Editor’s Note: My money’s on Filosofem, check back when the polls close so I can tell you “I told you so.”

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