The Results are In: Your Favorite Burzum Album Is…


Taking 41% of the votes it would seem your favorite Burzum album is "Filosofem".

No real surprise there.

The closest runner up with only 18% of total votes is "Hvis lyset tar oss". The albums “De tome engang var”, “Hliðskjálf”, and “Belus” got no love at all and rounding out the count in third place was Varg’s newest effort, the ambient “Sôl austan, Mâni vestan”.

Surprisingly only 22 people cared to share their opinion with us, maybe this next poll will interest more of our readers.

What is Your Favorite Death Metal Band?

Over three years ago now I wrote our most popular post to date, a list of the top ten death metal bands. Though the bands listed was cause for much debate and controversy for the sake of convenience I’ve decided to use them as the sample. I’ve also included an 'other' option but if you click this please be sure you tell us what band you’re referring to in the poll’s comments section.

Go, let your voice be heard.

Average: 5 (2 votes)

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