Motorhead Reveals New Album Details and Tracklist


The legendary band Mortorhead is getting ready to release this 22nd studio album. Yes your read that right, 22nd studio album. The new album will be entitled 'Bad Magic' and will be released on August 28, 2015 via UDR Motorhead Music.

What is even more astonishing is that they will be celebrating their 40th year as a band.  To celebrate they will be headlining an anniversary tour in Europe in November.  For people in the States you will have to catch them in mid-August with Anthrax on the Motorboat cruise in the Bahamas.

Motorhead - 'Bad Magic' Track Listing

01. Victory Or Die
02. Thunder & Lightning
03. Fire Storm Hotel
04. Shoot Out All Of Your Lights
05. The Devil
06. Electricity
07. Evil Eye
08. Teach Them How To Bleed
09. Till The End
10. Tell Me Who To Kill
11. Choking On Your Screams
12. When The Sky Comes Looking For You
13. Sympathy For The Devil (The Rolling Stones Cover)

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