Meshuggah Hints About A New Album In 2016


Where has Meshuggah been?  The band hasn't released anything new since their last album Koloss, which was released back on 2012.

Recently there was an interview from the Sweden Rock Festival with guitarist Marten Hagstrom.  In the interview there was small talk about the band planning to write new material in the fall and start to record a new upcoming for a next year release. 

Here is a snippet from Marten in the interview:

I would say sometime next year, but not early. We were supposed to be writing all summer, but stuff happened, and now we're doing this [playing at European festivals]. So, when we finish that off, we're gonna be writing... The last show for this summer is late August in Gothenburg, so when we finish off there, we're gonna go full writing mode again. And then hopefully we'll write through the end of the year and then start recording early-ish next year.

Since we're in writing mode now, I don't listen to music, basically, at all. Not because 'I'm not gonna listen to music,' but it's just that... When you've got a lot of stuff to do... You know, I pick up the kid, go home, feed him, put him to bed, and then it's time for me to work, and I sit and play guitar for... whatever... many hours and try to make some new music, it's not like I'm gonna kick back and put on an album, regardless of style. But I listen to a lot of stuff; we all do. We don't listen to the same stuff, but we spread a lot. So we listen to metal, we listen to... anything, basically.

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