Insomnium New Live Video + Album This Spring


Insomnium has hinted that they were recording a new album to follow up their latest 'One For Sorrow'.  They release a song from the album called "Ephemeral" that was released a couple months back.  To put the rumors to they finished recording their sixth studio album and is planning a 2014 spring release.  There is no set release date or even album title.

To keep us on the fence they released this new live video for the song "Only One Who Waits" that comes off of their previous album 'One For Sorrow'.  It was recorded back on their 2012 North American tour.

Ville Friman the gutarist and volcalist for Insomnium had this to say about the process:

Again, the process could be described as a battle against time and ever-narrowing deadlines. We worked long days and we worked hard. But in the end, it was all worth it: new songs sound just amazing. I think the new material is a bit more atmospheric than before. We explored different directions, and for example, experimented with rhythms a bit more; we even have blast beats on this album. And of course, Markus Vanhala brought in his influence in terms of song writing and guitar playing which is something new. However, I think we did not push it too far but stayed loyal to our own sound. Our intention was never really to change but merely update and revise our sound a bit. And I think we did pretty good job with it.

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