Decapitated Announces New Drummer and New Album


The death metalers Decapitated have been slaving away in the studio creating thier 2014 album.  This is their follow up album to their 2011 release 'Carnival Is Forever'.  There isn't a set date for the new album, but Nuclear Blast records have confirmed the released to be in September.

Plus included in their new album will be their new drummer Michal Lysejko.  He has filled in when they were on tour with Meshuggah, Lamb of God and Children Of Bodom, but has a permanent spot now with the band.

The guitarist for Decapitated Waclaw "Vogg" Kieltka had this to say:

We would like to share few news with you. All you know that we've been quite busy lately. We had some personal changes in the band and also we did I guess the best tours we had; with Meshuggah, Lamb Of God and Children Of Bodom. First of all we want to introduce you Decapitated new drummer Michal Lysejko. Some of you had a chance to meet him already during tour with Lamb Of God this January. Also I want to say THANK YOU to the rest of the people who took a challenge and sent their video for an audition

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