Agalloch Finishes New Album


We can expect a new album from Agalloch in the next couple of months.  It's been report from the band that they have finished recording and mastering their latest addition to their list of discographies.  Most likely we will see an official title for the album, cover art and a release date in the next month.  

John Haughm the frontman and voclaist to the band stated this:

Just got back from San Francisco where I was there overseeing the mastering of the new album. Nice to have the final press-ready master copies in hand and have that part of this beast off my back. Now to finish the LP and CD package designs...

I'm bringing back some of the 'clean' vocals on the new album. I'm going for a full range of layered voices. Hopefully I won't fuck it up" and "Today in the studio, the words 'this is starting to sound like a mixture of Landberk, Anekdoten, ...and Bethlehem' were uttered...

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