Acheron Drummer Kyle Severn Quits Band


Today it was announced from Acheron that drummer Kyle Severn has left the band to deal with some "ongoing internal problems".  Kyle Severn has made it clear that these are personal matters and would not like to go into details about it.  Kyle didn't have any problems with the band, music or band members, this is a decison strictly by himself.

Vicent Crowley, Acheron vocalist had this to say about the surprising news.

Well, Kyle has released some statements that pretty much sums everything up. I'm just giving everyone my side of the story that is pretty much the same as his. First off, this whole thing was a long time coming. As I mentioned before sometime people just can't work together. There is no crazy drama that made this happen nor do I have any ill feelings towards the guy. We just see things differently and that will never change. So why prolong the inevitable? Even though he did resign it was very much a mutual thing. So if you are looking for some drama... Sorry, none here! 

Kyle played in the band for the past 14 years and has been a big part of their success. For now Vicent and lead guitarist Art Taylor will continue to go forth and work on Acheron new material for next year.

Vicent Crowly followed up with this statement:

We are also going to be adding an official 2nd lead guitarist to the infernal line-up. Jacob Shively from Dismemberment has kindly been filling in for the live shows for over a year now. I'd like to personally thank him for all his work and dedication. You rule brother! He will be focusing mainly on Dismemberment now. If you haven't heard these guys go listen now! They are a great band and I see killer things for them in the future.

It is a brand new day and I am very excited for the next chapter of Acheron. I promise you that that next time you see or hear us it will indeed be a good punch in the face! So everyone take a seat and let us take you to the very depths of Hell! In Metal...Ad Maiorem Satanae Gloriam!

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