New Music From Panopticon's Roads To The North


If you haven't head of Panopticon, now is your chance.  They are an atmospheric black metal band from the US that is getting ready to release their new album 'Roads to The North'  Below you can get a taste of the new album with the song 'Capriciou Miles'.  The new album will be in stores on August 1st by Blindrune Recordings.

I love how clean their album art is.

Panopticons - Roads To The North

Panopticons - Roads to The North Tracklisting

01. The Echoes Of A Disharmonic Evensong
02. Where Mountains Pierce The Sky
03-5. The Long Road (3 movements)
I. One Last Fire
II. Capricious Miles
III.The Sigh Of Summer
06. Norwegian Nights
07. In Silence
08. Chase The Grain

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