As The Day Breaks || Municipal Waste- The Art of Partying


It’s so cold today.  I'm sitting here typing in my Snuggie, huddled next to a vent hoping to get the maximum amount of heat from it before it rises and is gone forever.  In addition to being cold, it just so happens to be Friday.  If you're a regular read of the site (thank you) you already know what Friday's means but if your just tuning in, I’ll fill you in. 

Friday means a new sonic Shiny Penny, the critically acclaimed ‘Metal Can Look Good Too’ editorial and possibly some other niceties but you have to wait and see on those throughout the day.

Let us get things started right with a live video of Municipal Waste preforming ‘The Art of  Partying’ in Holland--and take note of the epic stage dive fails at the 1:30 mark and again at 1:40.  Today will probably go something like that.

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