Xasthur Announces Final Album


Late last week Californian ambient one-man black metal project Xasthur announced that his new album ‘Portal of Sorrow’ would be his last.  After 8 full-lengths and numerous demos, EPs and Splits, Xasthur stated on his blog: “ I’m not able to make it work anymore.  I don't want to turn into one of those bands who rely on too many guests and session musicians to make people interested in their music again.   Some help is fine but more than some help is very cheap and it becomes others, not the roots of the band that makes the difference and the music work.  I don’t want to fall into that pattern.”

Xasthur also announced that that with this new album he plans to finish on a high note, as his previous album, ‘All Reflections Drained’ was “not up to par”.  You can expect to see more of Xasthur frontman Malefic in the future as he stated he is working on a different musical project to fall back on in the future.  Read the entire announcement on his blog.

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