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Wow, I’ve devoted a great deal of time on this site in the past to great heavy metal cover art but the thought never once occurred to me that there is a whole other side to that proverbial coin, really terrible cover art. So while I’m thinking about it, I’ll take the opportunity to dish some news and simultaneously announce the top contender so far this year, Within Temptation:

Coming soon to a GameStop near you, Grand Theft Auto IV: Within Temptation 

This new album, The Unforgiving, is slated to be a conceptual one, revolving around a comic book series written by Steven O’Connell (Bloodrayne and Dark 48), with each character in the books represented in song.

So, I get the justification for the cover but it’s just… I mean, objectively, kinda lame.

What are your thoughts?

Within Temptation released the following video clip last week for the track Where is the Edge,…

a concept video based on an upcoming movie about the disappearance of Natalie Holloway, that will appear on The Unforgiving. You can see a complete track listing of the album after the video. 

The Unforgiving is due to be released in March.


The Unforgiving Track List: 

01. Why Not Me

02. Shot In The Dark

03. In The Middle Of The Night

04. Faster

05. Fire And Ice

06. Iron

07. Where Is The Edge

08. Sinéad

09. Lost

10. Murder

11. A Demon's Fate

12. Stairway To The Skies

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