Who Else Wants To Know More About the New Burzum Album?


First off I want to apologize to our readers, last week when we first reported on Burzum’s new album I incorrectly stated that the album would be titled 'The Fallen'.  It is in fact simply, Fallen.  No 'The'.

After receiving a few emails correcting me and asking for more info, larger cover art (I deliver above), and North American release date, I thought a post clearing things up would help.

Fallen is scheduled for release on April 7 in North America on Vikernes’ own imprint Byelobog Productions through Candlelight Records. The cover art, a lager version than originally posted can be seen above,  is a section of work from the acclaimed French painter William Adolphe Bouguereau titled Elegy. Clearly this cover is quite a departure from anything Burzum’s done in the past, the reason for which I can’t say, but I do really like classic paintings for album covers (see: Ahab, Bathory).

According to a statement from Varg Vikernes, Fallen will feature two ambient tracks, a short intro and decidedly longer conclusion along with five other tracks of yet unknown lengths.

After the jump you can take a look at the full track listing for Fallen as well as the full Elegy painting for those that may be interested. 

Fallen Track Listing:

1. Fra Verdenstreet
2. Jeg Faller
3. Valen
4. Vanvidd
5. Enhver til Sitt
6. Budstikken
7. Til Hel Og Tilbake Igjen

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