The Big Four US Tour Is Happening!!!


I swear to god I’ve been talking about this for-fuckin’-ever! I went back over a year through our archives and I read a younger me with a fuller head of hair talking about how sweet it would be if the Big 4 would, instead of peddling their wares all over the world but here, tour the country from which they hail. Lo and behold the day has finally come (tomorrow) and the four mightiest names in thrash metal will be officially announcing their US tour dates. 

Now that this tour is a reality I can finally put an end to the sacrifices, rituals, and pacts I’ve made with various deities spanning the Christian, Jewish, Norse, Egyptian and Greek religious traditions and maybe put in an offer for the return of my soul. 

You're welcome.

Anybody have ticket price predictions? Post ‘em in the comments section. 

***Update 01/25*** See the details here. 

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